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The IT service provider CloudSeven is our partner for configuring and implementing the bc2ip platform for our customers.
With many years of experience in the areas of planning, implementation and support of IT infrastructures, managed services and cloud solutions, we have been able to gain a highly reliable partner for this activity.


The team of trierpatent® is a partner of the first hour and the godfather of our product bc2ip. From a purely informal initial discussion, a close, extremely fruitful partnership has developed, from which new ideas regularly emerge, as we see today, that positively influence the further development of bc2ip.
trierpatent®, in particular, Dr. Wagner and Mr. Hagebölling not only helped us with the bc2ip patent application excellently accompanied. They were and still are at our side with your proven expertise for all questions about IP management and the protection of intellectual property. In this respect, it is unsurprising that the patent law firm trierpatent® became the first customer. Since then, bc2ip has been successfully implemented and used in everyday office work in cooperation with clients.


Fairpoint is IT service provider that help companies amplify and protect results through integrated technology
With more than 13 years implementing high availability environments and managing IT demands for security, business continuity FairPoint works to integrate technology to your company culture.

Fairpoint is a partner, consultant and advisor to patent and law firms and is experienced in their specific requirements. In this respect, Rafael Coimbra and his team represent the ideal partner for our product bc2ip and is our first sales and implementation partner in South America.

We are looking for reseller partners in the IP environment.
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