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.Accompany organizational, administrative and development processes in a tamper-proof and legally secure manner

bc2ip enables (intrinsically) the restriction of access to certain data and thus the restriction of the information flow, as well as the assignability of the previous information flow. Restriction of access and use represents one of the most important measures within the framework of information protection according to the European Trade Secrets Regulation (EU 2016/943).

All digital processes taking place in bc2ip can be monitored and documented in an evidence-proof manner.

.Protection of Copyrights, trade secrets and contract documentation

Legal disputes over intellectual property and the requirements for protecting business secrets are constantly increasing. This is not only about patents. Individual project steps of technical and/or non-technical processes are covered with the help of bc2ip:

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With bc2ip, we can quickly offer our clients legally resilient and cost-effective options for prevention in case of a dispute. bc2ip can digitally protect know-how! This is the new road to innovation.

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.Our mission is to provide the most effective protection for your intellectual property, ideas, and processes.

.Problem & Solution


Theft of business and trade secrets causes high economic damage (Germany 220 billion euros p.a., source KPMG)


Effectively protect trade secrets in a cryptographically secure digital data environment.

Legal disputes

Intellectual property (IP) disputes are on the rise. The verifiability of information flows and the respective knowledge of individual participants can often be decisive in disputes.


Gain legal certainty with forgery-proof and verifiable evidence.


Lack of process reliability due to complex documentation processes.

Process reliability

Efficient process reliability is established with the help of automated, seamless, tamper-proof, and legally secure documentation.

.Four reasons for bc2ip

Create authenticity

Proof of persons, devices, and individual attributes using decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCs): Who did what, when, and with what?
Create authenticity

On-premises solution

Optimizing access security is ideally suited for implementing the legal requirements of the Trade Secrets Protection Act.

On-premises solution

Time stamping near real-time

Tamper-proof timestamping on the blockchain takes place within just 12 seconds.

Time stamping near real-time


bc2ip is equally applicable for industrial, research, and service companies. bc2ip creates a new standard in the evidence of events.



bc2ip - innovative LegalTech software for industrial, research, and service companies


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